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Cari Belcher

Bachelor's of Music, Carson Newman College



My Schedule

1st Period TW
2nd Period Travel
3rd Period JMS
4th Period PMS
5th Period Travel/lunch
6th Period Chorus
7th Period Planning

What you missed in class

3rd Quarter

Sight Singing and Ear Training
- use of solfege
- diatonic steps
- skips Do-Sol-Mi-Do'
- rhythmic values of whole, half, quarter, eight, sixteenth notes and rests
- dotted rhythms
- moveable Do
- interval reading and ear training
--m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7, P8

Preparation of music for upcoming performances
- Senior High All District Chorus event - February 13-14, 2015
- All Virginia Auditions - February 13, 2015
- Junior High All District Chorus event - March 6-7, 2015
- Kaleidoscope - May 8, 2015

Lee High School Chorus Syllabus
The choral music program allows you an opportunity to develop your own musicianship skills, techniques of good singing and music literacy. Chorus also offers a chance for social and personal development based on teamwork, dedication and professionalism.
The Choral curriculum at Lee High School is based upon the Virginia Standards of Learning for Secondary Choral Music. These can be viewed on the Virginia Department of Education website, http://www.doe.virginia.gov. 


Sat. - Sun.

Oct. 4-5

Men’s Chorus Event

ETSU (Johnson City, TN)


Fri. – Sat.

Oct. 10-11

VA Honors Choir Auditions –Seniors only

Longwood Univ. (Farmville)



Nov. 1

Junior All-District Chorus Auditions (7-9 grades)

Patrick Henry HS (Glade Springs)



Nov. 8

Senior All-District Chorus Auditions (10-12 grades)

Ft. Chiswell HS (Ft. Chiswell)


Thur. - Sat.

Nov. 20-22

VMEA Conference and
VA Honors Choir Event




Dec. 11

Winter Concert
Meet 6:30PM Concert 7PM

Slemp Auditorium at LHS


Fri. – Sat.

Feb. 13-14

Senior All-District Chorus & All VA State Auditions (Jr/Sr)

Union HS (Big Stone Gap)


Fri. – Sat.

March 6-7

Junior All District Chorus

Holiday Inn & Conference Center (Bristol)



March 20 or 27
exact date TBD

District Choral Assessment

Patrick Henry HS (Glade Springs)


Wed. - Sat.

April 22-25

All-Virginia State Chorus

Sheraton Conf. Center (Tysons Corner)



April 17 or May 8
exact date TBD

Spring Concert
Kaleidoscope Fine Arts Festival 20th Anniversary

Slemp Auditorium at LHS




LHS Graduation

Five Star Stadium at LHS


*Required performances
Eligibility and preparation required for other dates listed.
Changes and additional events will be announced as soon as possible.


Daily Participation Grade:

  • Class preparation (if you are unable to get supplies, let me know the first week of classes)
    • ½ - 1 inch binder/folder with assigned music and chorus notes                      
    • Pencil (no ink pens) 
    • Paper
    • Personal calendar or planner (list all chorus dates)
    • Blank CD’s  or USB drive for music rehearsal recordings                                                          
  • Good rehearsal etiquette and participation
    • Attendance/Punctuality - You cannot participate and contribute to the success of the ensemble or to the success of your individual musical growth if you are not present and on time
    • Rehearsal expectations include active participation in all class activities.
      • actively participating which means
        • using proper posture
        • showing real enthusiasm
        • avoiding talking that disrupts rehearsal or is distracting
        • being respectful of others
    • Follow classroom and school rules (see “Student Code of Conduct and Attendance” manual)

Written Tests, Quizzes and Vocal Exams

      • In addition to at least one written quiz each nine weeks, each student will be evaluated using a mini recording device or by the director conducting vocal exams during rehearsals.  The student may be graded during warm ups, song rehearsal, and/or sight reading. 
      • Students are expected to pay attention, ask questions, and participate in class discussions.  Come in for help during extended study or make an appointment to stay after school for help.


      • The chorus will have at least two required performances in which you must attend and participate. One performance will be held during the first semester in November or December. The second performance will be held during the second semester in March or April. Dates will be given in advance.
      • Preparedness, behavior, punctuality, attentiveness, discipline, attire, and attitude are all factors in your performance grades. 

Extra Credit
Students can earn extra credit each nine weeks. Examples of extra credit opportunities:

  • Returning a signed progress report and/or signed report card
  • Auditioning for All-District Chorus and All-State Chorus
  • Attending All-District Chorus event
  • By attending a concert, play, or other fine arts event and turning in a 1 page review of the event and a program (only if programs are free).  Event summaries must be signed by a parent or guardian.  Ex: Barter Theater production, concerts at a school or university that the student is not involved in, community events, church concerts.  If you have any questions whether or not an event is acceptable- ask first!

Make-up Work
When you miss class (more than 15 minutes), extra rehearsal, or a concert for any reason you must complete makeup work in order to earn points!  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN AND COMPLETE MAKEUP WORK!!!! Makeup assignments are due within 5 days of returning to school. 

Concert Performance Dress Code
In an effort to create a cohesive and uniform look for the choir as a whole, students are to dress professionally in black and white attire. Ladies should wear black slacks or skirt with a white blouse. Gentlemen should wear black slacks with a white button-up shirt and a tie. All clothing should meet school dress code policies. If you are unable to find these items, please let me know at least 2 weeks prior to the performance. I do have some clothing available that the student may be able to use.
***Please note that the All-District Chorus event dress code is more detailed as follows:

      • Ladies – white button-up blouse with long sleeves, black slacks or floor-length black skirt, black shoes, socks/hosiery.
      • Gentlemen - white button-up shirt with long sleeves and a tie, black slacks, shoes and socks.

Choir Leadership

The following offices will be chosen through nominations and ballot voting by the choir and appointment by the director: president, vice-president, secretary, historian, librarians, section leaders. Officer nominations and selection will take place at the beginning of each academic year. All of the offices require a great deal of responsibility.  Nominees must be able to attend occasional meetings after school and above all must be dedicated, responsible members of the choir.

  1. Students, at all times, will RESPECT the room, their peers, and the equipment at Lee High School. 
  2. Students will adhere, at all times, to the Lee County Public Schools Student Code of Conduct and Attendance Manual during in-school and out-of-school activities.  Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action. 
  3. Students are only allowed in the Choir room when an instructor is present, or when specific permission is granted.
  • Food, Gum, Drinks or any other consumable items, besides WATER, are not permitted during class hours or rehearsal.  Water is welcome in a closed container. 
  • Students should never enter the director’s office unless the director is present and/or has given permission to enter.
  • Students must ask to use the Choir stereo or the piano.
  • Students will come to class prepared!
    • Be on time!  You must be in your seat when the bell rings
    • Pencil in hand
    • Music/Binder in hand
    • Assignments completed
  • Students will participate in class
    • Model good singing posture at all times
    • Attentive to instructions given
    • Marking music when appropriate (with a PENCIL only)
    • Sing to the best of your ability
    • Do what you are asked to do
  • Your music is your textbook - Each piece of music costs between $2-4 per copy.  Students are responsible for their music.  If music is lost or damaged, the student will be financially responsible for replacing that music.


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