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Jillian Skidmore

B.A. English, Tennessee Wesleyan College 2001

Wake Forest University 2001-2003 (M.A hours, English Literature)

M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, American Intercontinental University 2005

My Schedule

1st Period English 10
2nd Period Planning
3rd Period English 10
4th Period English 10
5th Period Hall 4/ISS
6th Period English 10
7th Period English 10


What you missed today in class

  • Week 13 assignments
    Vocabulary- ague, bilious, doleful, febrile, languid, lethargy, malaise, morose, torpid, wan
    Literature- read Seabiscuit, do Author’s point of view worksheet. Watch media study on Lord of the Rings. Do Storyboard Project due Friday.
    Writing Prompt-

    1. A thank-you letter to the French from the president of the United States for the gift of the Statue of Liberty.
    2. Write THREE journal entries for the man who invented glue.
    3. If you knew you were going to die, and could plan in advance the person(s) who would speak at your funeral, what would you wanted said by whom and why?


  • Week 12
    Vocabulary- acrimonious, cataclysm, discordant, imbroglio, indomitable, rectify, truculence, trenchant, vexation
    Literature- Read “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Rights to the Streets of Memphis. Quiz and Worksheet on Magi.
    Writing Prompt- Choose one of the following: (150 word minimum)

    1. An FBI report on the friends, activities, and opinions of your favorite sports hero.
    2. Write 10 lines of dialogue between a baboon and a gorilla on who is the ugliest. Include specific details and appropriate slang.
    3. Someone has described America as a country where “the adults are living in a PG-rated world and its teenagers are living in an X-rated world.” What evidence, if any, do you see for this?


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