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Kalena Porter Williams

Kalena Porter Williams

Kalena Porter Williams

B.A. History, Lincoln Memorial University
M.A. History, University of Tennessee-Knoxville


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1st Period World History
2nd Period World History
3rd Period Planning
4th Period World History
5th Period World History
6th Period Duty
7th Period World History

What you missed in class today

World History Part 2
Mrs. Kalena Williams
Room 424
Planning: 10:10-11:00 (3rd period)
Phone:  LHS Office 276-346-0173
Welcome to World History and Geography 1500 to the Present.  This course enables students to cover history and geography from 1500 A.D. to the present with emphasis on Western Europe.  Geographic influence on history are explored with increasing attention given to political boundaries that developed with the evolution of nations.  Significant attention will be given to how the scientific and technological revolutions created new economic conditions that in turn produced social and political changes.  Noteworthy people and events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be emphasized for their strong connection to contemporary issues.
Students will keep notecards, take notes, complete open-notes and multiple choice tests, and take the Standards of Learning test as they reach the end of this course. 
Required materials:       a 3-Ringed binder                            pen or pencil
paper                                                    100 pack 3x5 index cards
Grading System:  Grades for this class are made up of homework, classwork, and test grades.  Homework and classwork items are 10 points each.  Tests are 100 points each.
All classrooms must have rules.  Rules ensure that a productive learning environment is in place so that student learning can occur. 
Classroom Rules:
1. Do not talk when I am talking.
2. Do not be disrespectful to me.
3. Do not be disrespectful to others.
4. Come to class prepared and on time.
5. Do your work.
When a student chooses not to follow the rules of the classroom, there are consequences.
Consequences for breaking rules:
1. 1st offense=20 definitions
2. 2nd offense=40 definitions
3. 3rd offense=ISS
Please sign the bottom of this syllabus and return it to class by Friday, August 22 to receive a 100 class work grade.  Please have your parent/guardian sign to receive a 100 test grade.  I look forward to an enjoyable and productive year!
Kalena Williams
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