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Staff Handbook


Lee High School Administration


Lee High School administrators are dedicated to providing support and leadership to our staff, students and community.   All administrators share responsibilities for community outreach, curriculum and instruction, professional development, and for providing a safe and orderly school environment


Michelle Warner, Principal
Stacey Belcher, Assistant Principal


Guidance Counselors

Sheila Spivey
Melissa Rasnic
Renee Chester


Attendance Officer

Regina Moore


Lawanna Quillen
Jennifer Napier, Guidance Secretary


Karen Combs
Department Chair

English, Angela Thomas
Foreign Language, Judith Sabbatini
P.E., Debra McCoy
Fine Arts, Cari Belcher
Guidance, Renee Chester
Social Studies, Walter Shell
Science, Cindy Laws
Math, Mike Elkins



Principal’s Expectations of Staff
•Maintain an atmosphere of professionalism
•Teachers MUST stand at their doors to greet students each passing period.
•Teachers should report to work by the assigned duty time and remain until the official end of the school day
•Teachers should demonstrate professionalism by being prompt to meetings (e.g., conferences, I.E. P. meetings)
•Teachers should dress professionally..
•Teachers are encouraged to offer additional tutorial opportunities for the varying needs of our students. Teachers are required to stagger am/pm tutoring to provide students with opportunities to come in for assistance. Departments may set up a schedule allowing students to come to any of several teachers of the same subject.
•Students who participate in extracurricular events must make arrangements to make up work in advance of absences whenever possible; however, students should not be penalized due to conflicts between athletics and academics. Teachers must work out available time on an individual basis.
•Fridays will be opportunities for staff members to wear jeans and Red or Lee High Shirts. Jeans should not be torn or have holes in them


Teachers’ Job/Expectations/Duties 

  1. Teachers are to be at school at 7:45 a.m. and may leave at 3:20 p.m. If a teacher must leave earlier than this due to an emergency situation or an appointment, the office must be informed. Teachers may leave on Friday as soon as the students have cleared the building.
  2. Teachers are to be on time at their duty assignments. Please do not shift your duty responsibilities onto other faculty members by failing to show up.
  3. Teachers are to follow guidelines for the library established by the librarian.
  4. Teachers are to conduct themselves professionally at all times.
  5. Teachers will not use inappropriate language in the classroom or during “outside” activities.
  6. Teachers are expected to have posted in their classrooms the following: mission statement, emergency evacuation of the building instruction and substitute folder.

Dress Code for Teachers/Staff

These policies are to be followed by all Lee High School professional and paraprofessional employees at all times.

Dressing for success allows teachers to gain the respect needed to set a positive example for their students. Appearance or dress should not interfere with or detract from the day-to-day educational process. Your dress reflects the quality of the school, your conduct and your work. All employees are expected to follow the guidelines set by the Lee County School System.


Teachers’ Classroom Responsibilities

The classroom teacher is under the immediate supervision of the school principal and is responsible for directing and evaluating the learning experiences of the students in all activities sponsored by the school. The duties and responsibilities listed below are to be used as guidelines for all classroom teachers in the performance of their jobs. The list is not all inclusive; however, it does cover the primary duties and responsibilities of the classroom teacher.

A classroom teacher is expected to:

•    Direct   and   evaluate   the   learning   experience of   students in both curricular and extracurricular activities;
•    Provide guidance to the students in promoting their welfare and their proper educational development;
•    Establish and enforce rules and regulations for the management of the classroom, with the approval of the principal;
•    Maintain accurate student accounting records and handle discipline of students in compliance with the local and state requirements;
•    Administer the classroom and its program of organization and management;
•    Provide for the care and protection of school property;
•    Be responsible, with the principal, for the care and welfare of the school and the student body as a whole, whether the location is the classroom, laboratory, hall, or any other part of the school program;
•    Participate in the business and professional activities of the faculty;
•    Maintain cordial and workable relationships with all colleagues;
•    Be  subject  to  assignment  by  the  principal  for  teaching  duties  and  other  duties  such  as cafeteria, advisory, study hall, clerical, club, and school activities;
•    Keep abreast of scholarly productions and research studies in the field of teaching;
•    Evaluate the effectiveness of all policies and report concerns to the principal;
•    Interpret the policies of the school to parents and stakeholders, and display  a positive attitude about the school to students, parents, faculty and staff, and community members.
•    Display a positive attitude towards both students and faculty. Do not humiliate or embarrass students or faculty members in anyway.


Teacher Lesson Plans

Teachers are expected to submit lesson plans by Friday of each week. Lesson Plans must align with the Virginia Standards of Learning and Core Blueprints/Curriculum Guides approved by the Virginia Department of Education and the Lee County Public Schools. Planning should reflect differentiation of instruction where appropriate, rigor as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences/Open House

Formal conferences provide opportunities for partnership building between the school and home. Students and parents who are actively involved in these conferences/Open House are often able to assume more responsibility and ownership of their learning. Lee High encourages all students/parents to participate in these conferences and may request through our Guidance Department a conference with the student’s teachers. Lee High offers each semester the opportunity for an Open House, as well as a 9th grade Orientation as a way for parents to be abreast of their student’s progress. These Open House/Orientation opportunities are communicated through the school’s website and Power Announcer.